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Monday, July 26, 2010

So much has changed ;)

Well its been over four months or so since life changed drastically, but now that it has been so long i simply see it was for the better!
UPDATES:I still work at the sunshine store :) not the best job but atleast its a job right? And i finally got me a new ride lol..gave up the old camry :( sadly! I got me a 2001 suzuki grand vitara!!! Its 4wheel drive and its a standard. not exactly what i wanted but i got it all on my own! yay!!!
Little Sydney Joy has surely grown lately!She can talk now and has learned how to fight lol she goes to her dads every saturday now since he has left out for cleet! We get along just fine and thats no lie! we're drama free with each other.I have been meeting new people everyday and i love that! yet I'm not looking for anyone specail right now lol just trying to enjoy life with Sydney and my close family!
I always thought me and kyle would be together forever but looking back on how life was now i see why werent gonna make it..i still care with all my heart but we both still have growing up to do ..nd we both realize it! but as days go by i get more and more usest to him not being around..yeah i do love him still but i think that love i had for him has changed.I dont think anything will change soon for him or me..theres always going to be that one person that has a hold on him..i want someone who will share everything with me..not the person in the middle. one day i will find a guy who will love me and sydney and cherish us in his life..when that days gonna happen? who knows? maybe thats in years to come..but im in no hurry to find that someone. planin to enroll for nursing school in a few months..finally going to get my career started up and on the ball this time!I never thought id be able to say this but i have finally showed peoplle i can do this on my own and raise Sydney on my won..its not as hard as it seemed to be in the begginning but i know with Gods help i can do this!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A little bit of everything thats new in my life!

Well I haven't been on here in forever lol..well actually I almost forgot I had this thing lol!But anyways you know how people say life can change everyday in the blink of an eye?well I usest to not believe that when people wpuld say it but here recently I have learned that it is very true and can happen! My life has changed very dramatically in the past few months and I will not lie..it really freaking sucked!!First me and kyle broke up..why is only between me and him and no one else!Everything just seemed to hit fast and hard after that..I hit rock bottom..and when I say rock bottom I literally mean that!I went from haviong this really great wonderful life..well I thought it was wonderful..to having a reall y hard time..and let me tell you it was rough..I was to the point I couldn't eat anthing without getting sick and I would sleep maybe two hours at night and thats it..I was so depressed and stressed out that I couldn't keep myself together..but i knew I had to keep smiling everytime Sydney would look at me because I knew if I didn't she would realize mommy was sad. It took me more than two weeks to finally get back on my feet..I was slowly climbing back up the ladder..you know oyu think life is so grand and that nothing can go wrong until it does!
But now its been a few months and I'm finally at a point where I can smile once again without having to fake it!I know I would of never made it back up the ladder from rock bottom if it hadn't been for my sister Candice and my wonderful best friends Shannon!These two ladies saved me when I needed saved the most!!!!Even though me and Kyle are not together I will not lie!!!I still ove him with all my heart and hope that one day we can be the family that we usest to be..not just for Sydneys sake but for our own sakes!He was the love of my life and he will always have my heart,but for now I want nothing but the best and for him to be happy with life!Sydney goes and stays with him and her aunt tt every monday night!!!

Sydney and her daddy!!!
I admit life is very different not living in Springdale with Kyle and Tiff..I( miss it everyday but i'm doing what i must to keep my head up for me and Sydney.I miss seeing those two everyday but this is the way it must be right now!

Shannon Faye and I!!This girl has been there for me through thick and thin!!!We have been best friends for almost four years now and I wouldn't know what to do without her!!She's done so much for me in the past few much and I love and thank her for that!!!

SYDNEY JOY!!!!THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN MY LIFE!!!This little lady will always be #1 in my life!She keeps me going every single day..she is growing so fast..she will be 7 months the 8th of november!!She learns new things every single day! lol she has found her a best friend..which is my besties nays little lady Ryliegh Deneah!!!they are exactly to 3 months apart to the date!Sydney is becoming a mean lil bougar lol ..she's learned to punch and pinch and yell..lol this little girl is my all..I would fight,die and hurt anyone that ever hurts her or tries to take her form me!!She's mine and her daddys world!!!
well I guess thats all I can let you guys in on for now!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So much has changed!!

Okay so I haven't gotten on here in a while so I figured I should update everyone on the huge amount of changes we have had!!We've had alot change in the past month and let me tell you it definitly changed for the better not the worst!We finally had our beautiful baby girl!!!She is truly a gift from God!!

Sydney Joy Thomas, she weighed 6 lbs. and 12 ozs....She was simply beautiful from the moment she arrived!Alot of things have changed since she arrived..we've learned to sleep when she sleeps lol we're on her time now not ours!She makes us smile so much, I love watching her sleep because she smiles in her sleep all the time and its so cute lol. Kyle started back to work a few weeks ago, he took two weeks off to spend time with us! It's so amzing knowing that we have our own little family, Sydney has completed us in every way and I wouldn't trade her for the world!

Sydney spitting up on her aunt TT..lol oh it was classic lol!!I'm really thankful that we have tiff there with us also..she's experienced everything with us, even the birth of Sydney lol! She helps us out so much with watching her!

Sydney with her daddy..lol he always talks for her when she makes her funny faces,lol its so cute to watch.She looks so much like Kyle did when he was a little baby!well she will be a month old Friday and its so hard to believe how big she has gotten within just one month!!!I can't wait until she can smile when we play and look at us so much clearer!!She's truly a blessing!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Aww..I love hims so much!

Today has been actually a pretty good day for me. I actually got to spend times with my babys!! I love the fact that he's home during the evenings now..even though I get scared when I am home alone at night but I'm finally getting usest to it! It also will work out better for when Sydney finally arrives too because he will be home with us during the days and get to see her just as much as me! Kyle makes me so happy and makes me laugh so much lol :), I don't think i've ever laughed this much in a long time! lol some of the things he does and says just cracks me up..like the way he breaks out in these really goofy dances at random moments when were doing stuff! AHH..I just don't know what I would do without hims! I also started on my maternity leave today which I really hesitated on doing but know with only nine days left until my due date it's better to take it than be at work and my water break! But I started stressing this morning on the way home because I have my insurance to pay next week and no money for it and I don't want Kyle or anyone else to worry about my stuff when they have so much to worry about already! I can't wait until she's here and I can spend the time with her and then after my 6 weeks or maybe even less than that get back to work so I can take care of my own things! Me and Kyle both realize we're about to hit a really rough spot in life and I admit the next month is goping to be harder than ever but I know and he knows to that no matter what we will be fine! We alweays make it through!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

MIne and Kyle's day out!

Well me and kyle had a doctors appiontment wenesday and it went really good I guess..still no baby but I am pretty sure the way I have been feeling she will be here soon! We are both so excited and can't wait until she is finally here, I am almost 39 weeks and let me tell you..ahh it's horrible! I stay hot all the times and I literally have to roll off the couch to get up if i'm laying down. It takes me a while to get up the stairs now too..lol kyle laughs at me when I run out of breath trying to wrestle with him :) but I still love him! I have never been so happy in my life, he's my other half and wihtout him I wouldn't be me's. We decied after the appointment to go to hte Gentry zoo which was alotta fun..we both needed to get out of the house for awhile and just relax!

This was the most annoying animal there..lol they kept coming up to our windows and staring at them selfs through it lol.!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

flashback...man don't you just love those..lol..

Well today was a very rough day today but it was good in the end..lol...me and kyle went to pick up afriend and on the way down there I kept getting flashbacks of the way things were before I got back with kyle and started having a life again, and let me tell you those are the flashbacks I don't want to have anymore..I had a moment where I was thinking about when I lived in bell with my friends and a guy I really didn't want to be with but for some reason I chose him over kyle. I realize I only went with him because he could get me out of the home I was in with my mom and get me started on my road of freedom which don't get me wrong was awesome and I loved every minute of the freedom, except the part of waking up every morning next to this guy that I didn't even love the way I love kyle..he was simply just too much for me to want to be with him. I remember every time he would go out on the road to work for a week at a time I was at my happiest because I could go out alone with my bestie and we could do whatever we wanted without them knowing. I remember one week in december they left out and I got a letter from Kyle the day of his 19th birthday telling me exactly how he felt..that he still cared and wanted to be with me, lol I remeber sitting in english class reading that note over and over again because I couldn't believe it! lol I knew right than that I wasn't where I really wanted to be in my life! I finally made the right decision and followed my heart the way I should of in the first place, and now I have the greatest life I could want! I have an amazing boyfriend and a little girl on the way and I know that it was meant to be this way... I know in the end that God always leads us in the right direction and we always end up in the right place no matter how long it takes us to get there!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

She's almost here!

Well I haven't posted anything since the baby shower so I thought I would give an update..I am finally 35 weeks pregnant and she is almost here!!!I really can't wait anymore, I really want to meet her face to face..

This is the 3-d image of her face form a week ago..she's going to look like me in the face..but I know she is going to have her daddys pretty lips! She is going to be very beautiful and I know that we are excited to meet her. We have decided were going to start taking our stuff with us to every appiontment from here on out since we are getting so close and I have no idea how much longer we will have, It's simply up to her now..mommy has no control lol. I can't wait until she finally gets here and we get to hold her for the first time!